All of these changes.

My entire life I have hated change. Regardless of how little or big it may be, I dread it. 

Which is why last night after cutting my hair yet again I thought to myself, why is it so easy to change ourselves physically but when it comes to the day by day happenings of our routine we take pause? Like I said I can cut off all my hair and dye it every shade of the color spectrum but at the end of the night I'll still find things that need a serious fix. And the truth of the matter is I need all this change because  I am not complete. 



My mind is a hamster wheel constantly running on do, and don't cycle. I have unconsciously placed road blocks in my own path to success. Some I know I can easily move, but then there are the others I see and know they will take time and effort to move. 

 So today is my vow to myself, and to my business. To begin sharing but not over sharing. To shoot every opportunity I am given as if it is my last.  To forgive myself for past mistakes. To think of what is to come and have hope. Stop viewing everything as "too hard," or "too far out of my reach." 

And most important of all, accept the change that will come my way.

xo kelsey